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Q: 為什么每年父親節的日期都不一樣?父親節到底是哪一天?

A: 原來父親節是六月的第三個星期天。今年的父親節是6月19日。

When is Father’s Day?: 父親節是哪天?

Originally, I thought it was the second Sunday of June: 我原來還以為父親節是六月的第二個星期日

It turns out it’s the third: 后來發現是六月的第三個星期天

On the second Sunday of this June this year, I was like, “I should give my dad a call.”: 今年六月的第二周日,我就想著要給我爸打電話

Wait a minute. I’m really not sure about this: 且慢,我日子會不會記錯了?

Let me google it really quick: 讓我google一下看看


父親節的時候不要忘了給爸爸打個電話祝一聲節日快樂喔。如果你不小心忘記了,不要忘了第二天補個電話哦,就像英語里說的那樣“Better late than never!”,遲做總比不做好!

If it slipped your mind, you can say “Happy belated father’s day!”: 如果你忘了,那你可以說“Happy belated Father’s Day!”

Happy belated birthday: 祝一聲遲到的生日快樂 (如果你當天忘記祝某人生日快樂,第二天可以這么說)

We’d like to remind you that it’s Father’s Day this Sunday: 我們要提醒大家不要忘了這周日就是父親節了喔

嚴父 vs. 慈父


Is he strict or spoiling?


Were your dads strict?: 你們的爸爸嚴厲嗎?

What kind of fathers do you guys have?:  你們的爸爸都是哪一型的?



我們說了mama's boy和daddy's girl這兩個詞。

如果要概括孩子跟父母很親,英語可以說"We're very close".

Spencer talked about his relationship with his mother: Spencer曾跟我們講過他和他媽媽之間的故事

It was so genuine and loving: 特別的真誠,充滿了愛

I wouldn’t be who I am without my mama: 沒有我媽就不會有今天的我

Adam, you talk about your dad all the time and the way you talk about him always strikes me: Adam, 你經常說起你爸,每次聽你講他,我都特別感動

I’m very close to my dad/My dad and I are super close: 我跟爸爸特別親



Blended family: 重組家庭

Are you an only child?: 你是家里的獨子/女嗎?

I have two half brothers: 我有兩個同母異父的哥哥

One of them was adopted: 有一個被收養了

half brothers or sisters: 同父異母/同母異父的兄弟姐妹

step brothers or sisters: 父親或母親再婚后,隨繼母或繼父加入家庭的兄弟姐妹 


中文里用紅臉、白臉來比喻父母的管教風格;英語則用good cop, bad cop警察來比喻。

Was he a very spoiling dad?/Did your dad spoil you?: 小時候你爸寵你嗎?

I was a spoiled child: 我小時候被寵壞了


I’m a daddy’s girl: 我是爸爸的小棉襖

My mom was definitely the disciplinarian at home: 我媽媽對我非常嚴格,是一個嚴母

Good cop: 唱紅臉的

Bad cop: 唱白臉

My dad was definitely the good cop: 我爸就是那個唱紅臉、扮好人的

He never spanked me or even scolded me: 我爸爸從沒打過我,連罵都沒有罵過我



Spank: 打(孩子)

Scold: 罵(孩子)

We had a ping-pong table in the basement: 我小時候家里地下室有個乒乓桌

One time, my dad was going to spank me for doing something bad: 有一次我做錯了事,我爸要揍我

I just ran to the other side of the pingpong table: 我就跑到球桌的另一邊

I could see on his face he was angry, but he wasn’t going to chase me: 我看得出他很生氣,但還不致于氣到追著我打

He didn’t actually really want to hit me or spank me: 他不是真的想要揍我

How did your dad discipline you?: 你爸都是怎么教訓你們的?

What was the strictest or most severe thing they did?: 他們最嚴厲的懲罰是怎么樣的?

My dad never really punished me for anything: 我爸從來沒真的處罰過我

He just needed a word, a sound or a facial expression and I could tell that he was disappointed: 我爸只需要一個詞、一個聲音、或者一個表情,就足以讓我感覺到他的失望

I don't want to let him down: 我不想讓爸爸失望



My dad would say: "Come on, son. Let’s go on a walk and have some guy time.": 我爸爸會說:“來,兒子,咱們出去走走,我們倆的男人時間。”

guy time:男人專屬時間

male bonding: 男人之間建立、增進感情

My dad used to say every Sunday is your day because it’s Son-day: 我爸以前說禮拜天是屬于兒子的 (因為Sunday和Son-day同音)

a play of words: 文字游戲

Every Sunday, we’d go out and spend pretty much all day Sunday together: 每周日,我們都會一起出去走走,共度周日

We’d take our dog out: 我們會把狗狗也帶上

We'd hang out around Potomac River: 我們會去波托馬克河邊坐坐 (美國中東部最重要的河流之一,源頭在阿巴拉契亞山脈,途徑華府,最終流入大西洋)

We used to go hang out on the water and walk around in nature: 我們在河邊兒、大自然走走、玩兒玩兒



Once I turned 13 or 14, I hung out with friends a lot and my dad a lot less: 13、14歲以后我就比較常跟朋友在一起,跟我爸的相處就少了

“Dad, you’re so lame”: 爸,你太遜了

“God, you guys just don’t get it”: 天啊,這種事你們不會懂的

Teenagers go through a rebellious stage: 青少年會經歷叛逆期

But I never was (not) so rebellious: 但我小時候不怎么叛逆


How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day?: 你們會怎么慶祝父親節?

Do you buy your dads gifts?: 你們會給爸爸買禮物嗎?

He’s just gonna get a phone call from me: 我就會給他打個電話而已

My dad is super healthy. He always wants nuts as a gift: 我爸特別健康,最喜歡我買堅果給他



Spencer’s dad likes to work outside: Spencer的爸爸喜歡在戶外活動

He gives himself projects and build things: 他會自己給自己安排任務,動手做東西。

carpentry: 木工

For exampling, he’s been working a lot with rocks: 比如他最近喜歡弄石頭。

He makes rock gardens: 他會拿石頭做點院子里的玩意。



Many dads love going to Home Depot and buy supplies to build things around the house: 北美很多爸爸愛去家得寶 (美國家用材料零售商),買材料,給家里組裝東西


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